Beth Patterson – Forward

Beth just released an innovative Digital album on USB WRISTBAND and the internet.


She included a Digital Liner Notes PDF file along with the MP3 files. At 17 pages, this would have been very expensive to print, and we were able to include an interactive table of contents, all her lyrics, images, hot links to her websites (including her cool new Japanese site), and even a printable insert and traycard for the fans to print and assemble their own physical copy.








The USB wristband is available directly from Beth or at Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans. The digital album is available for download at CDBaby.


Check out her website at

Get her album at CDBaby

Click here for more information about Digital Liner Notes design services

Creating MP3 files

You want the following specs no matter what program you use:

  • File type: mp3
  • Bit rate: 192 kbps or 256 kbps
  • Be sure your embedded tags include your artist name and song title
  • Remove track number from file name

Windows Media Player

Put CD into drive

click on the “Rip” tab

WMP should automatically detect and scan it.

Media Player should then query an online CD information database to figure out album and track information. If it doesn’t find anything, it will ask you for track names and artist name. Be sure it is correct – it will encode the mp3 file with this info.

Change the settings before ripping:

  • Right click on the “Rip” tab. Select MORE OPTIONS
  • click on the Rip Music tab

Here you can change where the file is saved to.

Rip Settings

  • Format: MP3
  • Audio Quality: either 192 or 256 kbps

Click OK

click on Rip Music

I recommend you play each file to be sure it ripped properly.

Also, you might want to rename it to remove the track number that media player often inserts.

Here’s a YouTube video that’s pretty good:


I’m not a mac person, so I’ll let this guy tell you. Remember, 192 or 256 kbps, MP3 format.