I use dropbox to sync files to my ipad. It creates a folder on my computer to which I can drag files to. It then uploads them to their server and when I need to access the files I just open my dropbox app on my ipad or iphone and I can download the file wherever I am. I can also have it download and keep the file on my ipad for offline access. I use it for all sorts of documents I need to have with me. Great for traveling. And I love that it acts as a backup for important things in case my computer crashes because anything in the dropbox folder is also online in the cloud. You can password protect the files as well so it is secure.

Use this link for a bonus 500 MB for both of us. The service is free for the first 2 GB (plenty of space), and you can even share your folders with others for quick file transfer.



Preparing Your Text

File formats

I prefer Microsoft Word, RTF, or you can email your text.

  • Submit all text in a single file if possible. Don’t send pieces, changes, etc. in many different emails – this can lead to something being missed. It also makes it difficult to see an overview of how much text there really is.
  • Spell Check and Proofread BEFORE submitting file. See Proofing section.

File Names

Whether you are submitting photos and text files to the designer, or complete production PDFs to the printer, you should practice good file naming etiquette. Name your files with the artist and/or project title, along with what part it is. For example, if you are submitting production files, you will be submitting “Abbey Road Traycard.pdf”. If you are submitting photos and text to a designer, you should name your files like “abbey road cover pic.jpg” “abbey road text.doc”, etc.

Read: Writing CD liner notes

A few quick tips as you enter your text:

  • Don’t worry about formatting (making it look pretty) – that’s my job. In fact, it can even make it harder for me when I have to clean out your formatting codes.
  • Use a SINGLE SPACE after punctuation.
  • Don’t use a tab to indent paragraphs. My program automatically indents paragraphs if I tell it to.
  • Don’t use spaces in place of tabs.
  • Don’t format tables or multi column lists: Type in a single column and then note that you want it in columns. If you tab over for a new column, I literally have to cut and paste the text out of that because it doesn’t flow the same in my program. Very time consuming and can lead to things ending up in the wrong order.
  • DO insert comments such as “for traycard” or “put band photo near this” to guide me.
  • DO mention items not included that you plan submit later so that I know to leave space (ex. “Thank you’s – 2 to 3 short paragraphs – to come by Friday”).
  • Non-digital text (handwritten or paper printouts) may incur additional input charges, delays and will create higher potential for errors.