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Diana’s Music

Walk with me

The tracks are a combination of studio and live recordings made in the early 90s when I was actively playing and touring with Beth Waggoner. My mentor, Betsy McGovern, taught me how to laugh through forgotten lyrics on stage and the true value of friendship. She and her group the Poor Clares (most of whom play on this album – Patrick O’Flaherty, Justin Murphy and Beth) also recorded many of my songs – the highest honor for a singer/songwriter.

I don’t play anymore, but I appreciate how my first album “Gone By the River” and the people I had the privilege to play with set me on a path I never would have imagined, and led me to start Crescent Music Services. My experiences recording my albums, touring and living the singer/songwriter life gave me a deep appreciation for what my clients are going through. I’ve been there, and I love vicariously re-experiencing the joy and passion they have as they venture through their own music.

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My favorites are undoubtedly Winding Down the Day and The Web. And this album has my only recording of Savor the Light of Day. And if you’re curious about Narius, just email me and I’ll tell you its secret.

“Calls to mind Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, the most gorgeous mournful Appalachian folk ballads and lullabies, Indigo Girls” – K Martinez

Wrap yourself in quiet,
turn your thoughts down to a whisper.
Let the music lead you
through the poetry
and harmony
of singing…
Quiet Singing.
-Winding Down the Day

She sets beautiful and powerful ideas to music to give them a path to the heart and soul, rather than just the mind. (E. Kolp, fan)

Diana sings deceptively simple Celtic-style folk songs in a voice pure as a mountain stream. (Scott Aiges, New Orleans Times Picayune)

Gorgeous material. (Steve Winick, Dirty Linen)

Sea, will you wash me away.
Take me from corners of grey.
Green remembers woodlands in May.
Blue recalls intensity of day.

Diana’s pure singing and wonderful talent for composing haunting melodies and soulful lyrics, combined with Beth Waggoner’s sweet harmonies and killer bouzouki riffs will give a definite lift. (Lisa Stone, Baton Rouge Acoustic and Folk Society)



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