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Attitude is Everything

Warning: planning creates problems challenges. And when you look for problems, you will find them. And when you find them you will make them bigger.

Before you start looking for problems, remember:.

  • What we focus on becomes our reality.
  • Search for solutions that already exist
  • Build on what is working.
  • Every moment we spend focused on a problem is a moment not spent on moving forward.

Vision is, by definition, currently impossible.  Otherwise you’d be doing it not just dreaming and talking about it.  You accomplish your vision by solving all of the things that make it currently impossible. It’s called reality. – 60 minute strategic plan

Before you go any further, avoid using words like PROBLEM and IMPOSSIBLE. These words create a negative, self-defeating mindset that will actually hamper you and take all the fun out of your journey. We can take a life lesson from athletes. Sports are based entirely in overcoming obstacles and challenges and excelling despite of them. The hurdles are the point.

Until 1953, no human had been able to crack the four-minute mile. Some physicians claim that humans were anatomically incapable of doing so.  Or if they tried there would be physical damage. Roger Bannister, an Oxford medical students and a world-class runner, put himself through intense physical training to overcome what actually turned out to be a psychological barrier and not a physical one.  Within one year, 35 others did what was universally and historically considered impossible. – 60 minute strategic plan

Choose different words that better describe what you are dealing with : challenge, obstacle, issue, stepping stones, goal or project. When you stop using the word Problem, suddenly you have no problems, just opportunities to grow, learn and move closer to your goal – and to enjoy the journey.

Problems are just:

  • Results of other things happening
  • Warning signs of directions not to go
  • Goals to achieve
  • Puzzles
  • Detours
  • Issues
  • A starting point for something you want to change
  • Solutions waiting to be discovered.
  • Decisions you haven’t made
  • Opportunities

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