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5 things that can delay or degrade your CD/DVD project

1. Lack of quality photos for cover/insert Frequently I am sent low resolution or poor quality photos for the insert and even for the cover. I usually recommend reshooting them, but of course it’s too late by the time people get to the design phase. So we “make do” and I have to try to work my Photoshop magic on substandard photos. If your musicContinue reading5 things that can delay or degrade your CD/DVD project

Creating a Compressed (zipped) folder

For Windows Open the drive or folder where your files are located Select the files you wish to include. Right-click Choose “Send to” and then “Compressed” A compressed or zipped folder with the same name as your new folder will appear in your folder. You have an opportunity to name it anything you want. It should have .zip as its extension.

Preparing Your Text

File formats I prefer Microsoft Word, RTF, or you can email your text. Submit all text in a single file if possible. Don’t send pieces, changes, etc. in many different emails – this can lead to something being missed. It also makes it difficult to see an overview of how much text there really is. Spell Check and Proofread BEFORE submitting file. See Proofing section.Continue readingPreparing Your Text


Clean your scanner glass and photograph with a soft cloth before placing each item. Do not scan at a lower resolution and then enlarge it later! This actually lowers the resolution and can turn it into garbage. For example, a 2.5″ x 2.5″ image scanned at 300 PPI that is later doubled 5″ x 5″ becomes 150 PPI. Photoshop cannot invent pixels that were neverContinue readingScanning

Manufacturing Project Overview and Production Schedule

1. Graphics Time Frame: 1-3 weeks. Tip: If you are pressed for time, start your graphics before you finish in the studio. You provide: Liner notes, photos or other images, a rough layout. Troubleshooting: review all proofs very carefully.   2. Production Master You provide: The master and PQ code sheet (your mastering engineeer provides this). Be sure to ask your mastering engineer to includeContinue readingManufacturing Project Overview and Production Schedule

Jewelcases vs. Digipaks

Digipaks Digipaks are definitely becoming more popular. Before you spend the extra money for the “look” consider this: Pros: As a designer, I love to design digipaks. Many people love how they look and feel. They are perceived as being more “eco-friendly” (which isn’t exactly true, however). They automatically include full color inside because the printing is all on one side and folded over. Cons:Continue readingJewelcases vs. Digipaks

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