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Crescent City Duplication sold to Louisiana Red Hot Records

New Orleans – January, 2020 Diana Thornton and Mike Hogan have sold Crescent City Duplication to New Orleans-based SunRea Enterprises, Inc., parent company of Louisiana Red Hot Records, Inc., who will continue offering CD/DVD duplication services to the Greater New Orleans region. Diana still operates Crescent Music Services, which Diana founded 22 years ago in 1997 (originally with mastering engineer Parker Dinkins) to offer CDContinue readingCrescent City Duplication sold to Louisiana Red Hot Records

Remote Design Sessions

Usually when I design a CD or DVD, my client and I can do everything over the phone and email. They upload their photos and text to me, we discuss the design concept they are looking for over the phone, I put together a draft and then email them a jpg or pdf to review. For most projects, this works well and smoothly, and allowsContinue readingRemote Design Sessions

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