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5 things that can delay or degrade your CD/DVD project

1. Lack of quality photos for cover/insert Frequently I am sent low resolution or poor quality photos for the insert and even for the cover. I usually recommend reshooting them, but of course it’s too late by the time people get to the design phase. So we “make do” and I have to try to work my Photoshop magic on substandard photos. If your musicContinue reading5 things that can delay or degrade your CD/DVD project

DDP masters

If you are submitting your music as a DDP, please follow these instructions: Uploading a CD/DVD Image file or RAW disc files to the factory For an Audio CD project DDP Image files work the best, .iso files do not work for Audio CDs. It is best to create an image file of your disc before uploading  iso and DDP image files are standard forContinue readingDDP masters

Louisiana recording studios

Nice listing of Louisiana recording studios collected by Parker Dinkins of MasterDigital. Alphabetically, by location and by services. And while you’re there, check out MasterDigital’s mastering services.

Creating MP3 files

You want the following specs no matter what program you use: File type: mp3 Bit rate: 192 kbps or 256 kbps Be sure your embedded tags include your artist name and song title Remove track number from file name Windows Media Player Put CD into drive click on the “Rip” tab WMP should automatically detect and scan it. Media Player should then query an onlineContinue readingCreating MP3 files

Getting your CD track info to show up on computers

When a music CD is inserted in a computer connected to the internet, the media player application (like Itunes and Windows Media Player) go through a convoluted system of taking the number of tracks on a CD, the running times of the tracks, and then comparing this information to a database of existing CDs online where it then retrieves the album, artist, track information, andContinue readingGetting your CD track info to show up on computers

Manufacturing Project Overview and Production Schedule

1. Graphics Time Frame: 1-3 weeks. Tip: If you are pressed for time, start your graphics before you finish in the studio. You provide: Liner notes, photos or other images, a rough layout. Troubleshooting: review all proofs very carefully.   2. Production Master You provide: The master and PQ code sheet (your mastering engineeer provides this). Be sure to ask your mastering engineer to includeContinue readingManufacturing Project Overview and Production Schedule


Replication Process This process is when the music (data) from your CD master (usually a CDR) is copied exactly to a glass substrate best known as a “glass master”. After several steps the result is a nickel plated stamper that will be used in an injection molding machine that will “Stamp” the data image (in the form of pits and lands) in melted polycarbonate plastic.Continue readingWhat is a GLASS MASTER and STAMPER?

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