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Recently my site was hacked. It still worked, and no one visiting the site was in danger, but some nefarious degenerate had piggybacked another site onto my server, buried deep in the file structure. I discovered it when my site would not allow me to update things. It took hours and hours to clean. There were thousands of files I had to delete andContinue readingSECURITY FOR WORDPRESS (AND OTHER THINGS)

Where to host your website

Even if you use Facebook, you should consider having a website. I use Dreamhost as my hosting server, and WordPress for my website development. Dreamhost has been very reliable, and their tech support very responsive, and they are one of the few WordPress verified hosting servers.

Passport Travel Tip

Scan your passport, important documents, prescriptions and photos of your instrument and equipment in case they are stolen. Then email them to someone (you can contact easily by the internet) staying home so that if you lose your documents you can have them emailed to you (or your embassy – or the authorities) to make it easier to get replacements. If you have a secureContinue readingPassport Travel Tip

Airbed N breakfast – great resource for places to stay or to rent out a room Do you have an extra room/apartment/house to rent? If you have a spare room to rent out during mardi gras/jazz fest you need to get on this site. I use this site to rent my house in New Orleans during jazz fest and mardi gras. The people I get are wonderful. Do you need cheap places to rent while traveling / on tour? ThereContinue readingAirbed N breakfast – great resource for places to stay or to rent out a room

Getting your CD track info to show up on computers

When a music CD is inserted in a computer connected to the internet, the media player application (like Itunes and Windows Media Player) go through a convoluted system of taking the number of tracks on a CD, the running times of the tracks, and then comparing this information to a database of existing CDs online where it then retrieves the album, artist, track information, andContinue readingGetting your CD track info to show up on computers

Internet Concerts

If you thought YouTube was a great venue to connect with the world, you need to explore one of the latest trends – online performance sites. Some are geared around a specific venue. Others feature live performances from all over. Live from Daryl’s House Live from Daryl’s House started with Daryl’s light-bulb moment idea of “playing music with my friends and putting it up onContinue readingInternet Concerts

Gig Kit

What’s in your gig kit? Leave a comment below to contribute to the list. It’s 9:49 pm and you go on in 10 minutes. You’re downing a last gulp of your drink and someone knocks into you, spilling it all over your shirt. Did you bring another one? Do you even have any spot remover? Anticipating what could go wrong and planning for it can save theContinue readingGig Kit

GETTING THE WORD OUT – grassroots ideas to promote yourself and your music

Compiled from multiple sources on the internet, my experience, books, etc. Send out press releases frequently. The press need a story. Just releasing a CD is not a news item. Do you have an interesting story that will get their attention? What are the songs on your CD about? What’s the theme? What’s the message you are trying to communicate through your music? Website andContinue readingGETTING THE WORD OUT – grassroots ideas to promote yourself and your music


CDBaby The “world’s largest independent music store” AND they put your songs for sale as digital downloads on all the best retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more. they charge a setup fee. They pay weekly. You set your own price. They take a cut. Louisiana Music Factory “The one stop site for all of your New Orleans and Louisiana music needs.” The LouisianaContinue readingDistribution

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