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THE PLACE WHERE MUSIC PROFESSIONALS MEET In addition to honoring the best of recorded music each year through the GRAMMY Awards, The Recording Academy is a 24/7 member services organization. The Academy offers an array of professional development and networking opportunities for its members and the music community at large. The Academy also offers numerous benefits to its members…including discounts on duplicating CDs, rental cars, hotel rooms,Continue readingJOIN THE RECORDING ACADEMY


I use Carbonite to back up my computer to the cloud. It works in the background and anytime a file is added or changed, it copies it to a secure server so that if (when) your computer crashes, is stolen, hit by a virus, dropped or you accidentally delete a file (ack, I’ve done that), you can just go online and it’s all there forContinue readingCarbonite

Airbed N breakfast – great resource for places to stay or to rent out a room Do you have an extra room/apartment/house to rent? If you have a spare room to rent out during mardi gras/jazz fest you need to get on this site. I use this site to rent my house in New Orleans during jazz fest and mardi gras. The people I get are wonderful. Do you need cheap places to rent while traveling / on tour? ThereContinue readingAirbed N breakfast – great resource for places to stay or to rent out a room

Creating MP3 files

You want the following specs no matter what program you use: File type: mp3 Bit rate: 192 kbps or 256 kbps Be sure your embedded tags include your artist name and song title Remove track number from file name Windows Media Player Put CD into drive click on the “Rip” tab WMP should automatically detect and scan it. Media Player should then query an onlineContinue readingCreating MP3 files

30 People to Watch – New Orleans Magazine

What happens once a musician is finished recording songs in the studio? In New Orleans, it’s usually a visit to Diana Thornton at Crescent Music Services on Crete Street. Thornton and her graphics team work with some of the city’s best-known musicians, including Ellis Marsalis and Kermit Ruffins, helping them to design and produce their CDs for maximum consumer appeal. “Packaging is the face ofContinue reading30 People to Watch – New Orleans Magazine

HR 848 Preformance Rights Act

Recently I contacted my state representative to urge him to support HR 848, which would close the loophole that radio stations now enjoy of not having to pay musicians for their performance. I was shocked when he responded with a letter saying he didn’t support this!

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