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No information is requested that would not be on a paper check.
FREE – No transaction fees. No Stamps.
FAST – Transactions are credited within 24 hours of submission (weekends and holidays excluded).
EASY – You have 2 quick options to submit your check to me:

  1. Write out and scan a regular paper check, then email me the jpg OR
  2. Call me with the numbers (routing and account) from the bottom of your check


Credit Cards / Paypal

Note: Paypal sometimes holds payments until it “verifies” them, which can take days. Your project will remain on hold until your payment has been verified and received. To avoid delay, please use the E-check above instead.

After you click the button below, on the next page

    1. Enter payment amount in the UNIT PRICE field
    2. Click UPDATE TOTALS button
    3. Pay directly with a credit card (no Paypal account required), click the CONTINUE link and then fill out the form,
      Use your PayPal account, simply log in and follow instructions
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