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Announcing my first Free Compilation Download – a Sampler of 19 amazing tracks from a wide range of musicians, some from albums I’ve design and others I’ve manufactured or worked with the artist.

I am distributing this sampler with my new Music Download Business Card with which I am replacing my traditional paper business card. Now, when I give someone my business card, I am also promoting my client’s music, showcasing how the download cards work, and making a lasting impression.

If you’d like to explore using download cards to sell or promote your music, please call me! They’re a lot of fun and super easy and inexpensive.

The tracks are packaged in a 100 MB Zip file that contains high quality MP3 files that you can play on any computer or Ipod. It also contains a PDF virtual booklet that tells you about the music and how to contact the artists. Just download, unzip and move the MP3’s to wherever you keep your music. That’s it. Please support the musicians – buy their albums and go to their gigs if you like their music! (All tracks used by permission.)

Volume 1 features:

Alpha Wave Movement ~ Andrew Duhon~ Desoto Street Band~ Glen David Andrews~Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor~Jesse Moore~Jim McCormick~Kelly’s Lot~MC Trachiotomy~Onward Brass Band~Quintin Gerard W.~Wes Coas Ft. Tahlee~Diana Thornton~The Jingle Janglers~Joe Krown~Big Daddy ‘O’~Tom McDermott~Waylon Thibodeaux~Lindsay Mendez

This card is no longer available. Sold out!

MUSICIAN SUCCESS TIP: You know you need to build and use your mailing list if you are going to succeed. Download cards are a great way to stay connected with your fans. Selling your music from Itunes will get you 50 cents and a customer – selling your music from your site gets you a fan. And Free music should not be a complete give away. Always ask recipients to at least provide you with their email address and name in exchange.

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