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Icontact Email Service

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I use Icontact to send out my emails. I switched some years ago when I realized that my emails were getting bounced back more and more. Some of the email servers (yahoo, aol) were “blacklisting” certain other servers and I just happened to be on one of those.

The advantage to email services such as Icontact and Constant Contact is that they are “whitelisted” and usually can get your message through. They also help you format your message so that it doesn’t appear as spam.

But there are tons of other reasons I discovered once I signed up:

  • Nice looking templates
  • database management
  • automatic signup forms for Facebook and my website
  • automatic responder emails, even ecourses.

It is a great communications tool in its own right, so I have stuck with it.

AND recently they have integrated social networking linking for Facebook and Twitter.

Please use my link here to sign up so I can get a few pennies of commission for referring you. According to their site, you will also get a $50 ACCOUNT CREDIT by using my link.

You’re welcome to call me to find out more.

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