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Crescent City Duplication

I have partnered with Mike Hogan, one of New Orleans’ long-time audio mastering engineers and a musician. Mike will be handling day-to-day operations from his Mid City mastering studio and I will be providing my design services and expertise.

You may know Mike from his work with Jean Knight, Kim Fowley, Beth Patterson, The Continental Drifters, Rebecca Barry, Country Fried, Mulebone, Woodenhead, Joybuzzer, Danny and Patrick O’Flaherty, Hart McNee, Tim Smooth, the Gullah Kinfolk, The Lollies, Potent Bathers, Ya Ya Soul, etc. etc. He has also worked on many titles for Louisiana Red Hot Records, Sound of New Orleans, Frenchman Street Records, Bank On It Records and Koch Records.

Crescent Music Services is still in business for manufactured discs and design.

Why separate companies?

I created Crescent City Duplication as the New Orleans-based sister company of Crescent Music Services to handle the short run discs, and is the perfect complement to Mike’s Necromancer Digital mastering services.

Crescent City Duplication will focus on small runs (50-500).

Crescent Music Services will continue to handle manufactured discs (500+).

Coupled with Mike’s mastering and my design, between the three companies, you can get mastering, design and discs.

Located in Mid City near Delgado

On-demand short run CD and DVD production will be processed onsite at Mike’s office near Delgado Community College in Mid City, using the same quality equipment, media and stunning on-disc print you’ve come to expect from Crescent Music Services.

You can drop off your master and pick up your discs when they’re finished a few days later. Last-minute projects and reorders are no problem and you won’t have to worry about shipping charges.

Mike can master your CD, and I am still available to do any graphic design and disc manufacturing orders.

And you know you can always call me with questions.

Open for business

Crescent City Duplication is now open for business and can duplicate your discs fast.

Our CDs and DVDs are the best you’ll find anywhere. No inkjet disc printing here! We use a full-color thermal process that is waterproof, permanent, and nearly indestructible. We offer standard disc packaging such as jewelcases, slimlines, digipaks and sleeves – in quantities as few as 100!

Call today for duplication, design and mastering. Fast, good and local.

Graphic Design

I am still available to design your artwork or change existing files as usual.


Mastering for musicians by a musician – Mike Hogan. Mike’s cell is 504-377-1076.


I am still coordinating larger orders (500+) with my factory as usual through Crescent Music Services.

Thank you for your loyalty and business. I am so glad to be able to continue to offer the vital services you need to make your dreams happen.

Wishing you a prosperous and exciting 2012. I look forward to hearing from you about your next project.

All my best,


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