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In addition to honoring the best of recorded music each year through the GRAMMY Awards, The Recording Academy is a 24/7 member services organization. The Academy offers an array of professional development and networking opportunities for its members and the music community at large. The Academy also offers numerous benefits to its members…including discounts on duplicating CDs, rental cars, hotel rooms, music/computer magazines and software, music conferences, insurance, music museums, etc.

The Academy also works on behalf of its members through its advocacy and government relations efforts, where they work on Capitol Hill as well as in local governments to affect legislation and policy that has a positive effect on the lives of musicians. The Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing works together to shape the future of music recording. Sound quality, development of new technologies, technical best practices, education in the recording arts, and advocacy for the rights of music creators are all part of the P&E Wing’s mission.

The Academy works in music education and archiving and preservation through the GRAMMY Foundation and our MusiCares foundation, which distributed nearly $4 million to the musicians of the Gulf Coast after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, continues to help the local musicians, through financial assistance grants and drug rehabilitation programs and most recently, through free dental clinics for musicians.

Another important reason to renew your membership is the ability to participate in the Academy’s, a website that connects Academy members and provides an array of social networking tools. The goal of the site is to provide a means of personal communication between Academy members, creating a community where members can connect, communicate, collaborate and participate 365 days a year. I am also including a link to our most recent digital GRAMMY newsletter:

Learn more about or apply for membership online at Or contact Reid Wick at 504.861.7219 / He can answer any questions or take your membership application information over the phone.

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