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Passport Travel Tip

Scan your passport, important documents, prescriptions and photos of your instrument and equipment in case they are stolen.

Then email them to someone (you can contact easily by the internet) staying home so that if you lose your documents you can have them emailed to you (or your embassy – or the authorities) to make it easier to get replacements.

If you have a secure file server with your website, you can also upload the files there for retrieval by you. I also read where you can upload the images to a free account on Flickr and then set it as “private” (not sure how secure this is.)

Other items to scan :

  • Traveler Check numbers,
  • Credit Cards,
  • Important telephone numbers,
  • prescriptions,
  • eyeglass prescription,
  • critical medical info,
  • itinerary (with phone numbers of hotels and gigs).

Be sure everyone in your party knows how to retrieve the information (such as who is holding the info) in case something happens to you.

Also, take pictures of your instruments and equipment in case they are stolen. Be sure to take close ups of any interior labels or identifying marks (like stickers, dings, scratches). This is helpful on tour in this country and even in your home town and for insurance purposes.

Got any other handy travel tips? Leave comments below.

Happy traveling! Send pictures.

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