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Project Checklist

Questions you will need to answer

Manufactured or Shortrun?
Where will you store the discs?
Use – sell / promo

Where is the money coming from?

Who is in charge of coordinating the production?

Start graphics:
Finished in studio:
Mastering Date:
CD Release Party Date:

Who owns the copyrights of the original songs?
Who owns the arrangements? Are they copyrighted?
Who will own the sound recording (the master)?
Are you a member of BMI, ASCAP or SESAC?
Have you registered with SoundExchange?

Packaging Choice:
How many panels/pages?
Include lyrics?
Full-color throughout or black and white inside?
Color of tray (clear, black, white)?
Who will do your graphics?
Photographs / Artwork: Who will take or create your images? What media works best for your style?
Color preferences:
Paper type:
Other CDs you would like to emulate (not copy).
Mood/Theme: happy, sad, angry, futuristic, sexy, funky, earthy, retro, nostalgic, romantic, christian, colorful, clean, elegant, mellow, soft, bright, artsy, grunge, metallic, conservative, traditional….

Preliminary meeting/phone call to designer.
Gather, write and edit parts for packaging.
Meet with designer.
Submit complete, proofed liner notes, photos and design ideas to designer. Expect about a week to get first draft.
Review first draft and give changes/feedback to designer. Expect about 2-5 days to receive second draft.
Review second draft
Finish mixing and sequencing
Research and obtain mechanical licenses for covered songs if applicable, and SR licenses for samples and loops used.
Obtain ISRC codes
Mastering session
Give final design changes and mastered song times to designer to finish design files. Expect 1-4 days to receive final proof.
Verify reference copy of master.
Review final proofs. Request additional changes OR APPROVE (additional charges will apply to any changes after this once you approve so review carefully)
Submit master, IPR form, copies of licenses and releases, and final graphic files to factory.
Review factory PDF proofs of artwork – approve or request changes (additional charges will apply).
CDs are produced – usually 7-21 business days depending on packaging.
Register songs with BMI orĀ  ASCAP
Register with Sound Exchange
CDs ship – Allow 2-5 business days
CDs arrive – check product!
Schedule and promote CD release party.
Copyright sound recording.

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