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Recycled wallets, jackets and digipaks

Eco-wallets, Eco-jackets and Eco-digis

Now you can request 100% recycled paper for your wallets, jackets and digipaks for no additional charge.

Add 100% plastic trays in your digipaks for 15 cents each for the total recycled experience.

Furthermore, our printer is FSC & Rainforest Alliance Certified and use Linseed Oil based inks and water-based gloss coating.

AND, our DVD cases are also 100% recycled.



Does the paper look recycled? I don’t want my packaging to look rough or dull.

The recycled paperboard is just as bright and white and smooth as the non-recycled stock. The plastic trays do have a very slight tinge to them, but it’s subtle, and they say “100% recycled” on them.

Can I reorder my cds on the recycled?

Yes, just let me know and I’ll add it to the purchase order.

Can I order recycled for my jewelcase inserts or cases?

No, not yet. I’ll let you know when that is available. Only DVD cases are recycled.


Call Diana today at 504-312-2354 to order your next wallet, sleeve or digipak on 100% recycled!



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