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Virtual Jewelcase

My exclusive proofing system shows you how your graphics look in your packaging.  Also great to include in your digital download packages or on your site. I call it a “virtual jewelcase” (or virtual digipak / wallet). No one else has this, and it makes and proofing and visualizing your finished product so much easier.

Free with all design packages.

Your CD or DVD packaging graphics are inserted into a virtual image of a jewelcase or digipak and saved as a PDF or JPG to provide as real an experience as possible in the digital world.

Great for digital only releases – makes a wonderful addition to your download packages. Replicate the unique experience of browsing a physical CD: liner notes, booklets, lyric sheets, photos, etc.

Add realism to your webpages and marketing materials.

Included with all design packages. Available a la carte using your final PDF, TIF, PSD, or JPG files.

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