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Working with a designer

A good designer is part technician, part artist and part psychic. They must be creative but technically proficient. They must tap into your vision, and then make it happen – on time.

Choosing a designer

You want someone you can communicate well with. Someone who will listen to what you want, and can make it happen. Yet someone who will make suggestions and guide you. You also want someone who knows how to design a CD!

Web vs. print designers

Designing for the web and for print are completely different animals. Very few designers can do both well. That doesn’t mean they are a bad designer. Choosing a designer is like hiring a doctor – you wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon to cure your cancer or fill a cavity in your tooth. Personally, I am a poor web designer. My forte is print design, with special experience in CD packaging and music industry design.

If the cost of hiring a designer is making you cringe, think about it this way: if a typical 4-panel design costs $490, and you order 1000 units for your first order, isn’t 49 cents each worth investing in making it look good? Let your fans know you cared enough to spend 49 cents on them.

Communicating with your designer

Tell them:

  • when you need final files
  • what you will be providing
  • where they can get the correct templates and specs. Be sure they communicate directly with your manufacturer. Every factory has it’s own templates and even the slightest variation can stop your project in its tracks and cost you more money.
  • exactly what specs you need (how many panels, etc.)
  • ideas of what you want (show examples)
  • what you DON’T want.

Ask them:
how you should provide materials to them
when you can expect a first draft after you give them all the materials.

TIP: Be sure to request jpgs (high and low resolution) of your cover from your designer to use for your website and marketing materials.

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